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DotPlus stands apart by treating SEO as a powerful marketing channel in its own right. Our rigorous, process-driven approach to SEO is leading the marketing industry and putting our customers at an unparalleled advantage.

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SEO for new site design


When you unleash a new website, you start out without any sort of authority in the eyes of Google, and you need to find a way to compete against sites that have been around for years or even decades. But the good news is that with a strategic SEO channel in place with sound best practices, SEO for a new website doesn’t have to be complicated.

At DotPlus, we have a proven process for ranking new websites, even in the most competitive industries, and we can help you figure out the best way to move forward. Read on to discover everything you need to know about how to do SEO for a new website.

When you understand and utilize SEO the right way, you can effectively:

  • Increase the chance of earning the highest “score” from a search engine’s proprietary algorithm
  • Rank higher on search results pages
  • Be seen by more users who are searching for your products or services

Why Work with DotPlus Over Other SEO Agency?

What do we offer?

SEO is hassle-free with DotPlus.

Since we feature a team of more than 20 professionals, from web developers to SEO specialists, it's easy for you to accomplish SEO to-dos.

You don't have to ask co-workers to spare some time or find another agency to assist — all you need to do is ask your dedicated account manager.

This setup takes the hassle out of using SEO for your business, as well as removes bottlenecks so your company can start driving leads, sales, and revenue.

Get a better ROI with a data-backed SEO strategy.

You get the best of both worlds with DotPlus. We combine decades of experience with billions of data points to back your SEO decisions with data instead of guesses.

The experience of our award-winning team and the AI power of MarketingCloudDotPlus has allowed us to drive impressive results for our clients.

In the past five years, we've helped our clients attract more than 6.3 million qualified leads and 4.2 million phone calls, as well as over $2 billion in revenue.

Which content performs best for us? Is this approach working? How many sales or leads did we get from organic traffic last quarter?

Answering these questions is easy with DotPlus.

With MarketingCloudDotPlus, our proprietary software, it's easy to monitor channel and campaign performance, plus track leads and sales with pinpoint accuracy.

You can also access MarketingCloudDotPlus at any time.

The best part is our dedicated R&D team continually develops new solutions to make ROI reporting easier for your business.

Clients love working with us.

From the results we drive to the communication we provide, our level of service is why 91% of our clients stick with us — the average retention rate is 50%.

Clients also recommend us to other businesses.

Compared to the nationwide average, our client recommendation score is 488% higher, which demonstrates the unmatched satisfaction of our clients.

You're a name, not a number.

At DotPlus, we provide hands-on account management because we see ourselves as an extension of your marketing team.

You'll have a dedicated account manager that will serve as a trusted point-of-contact. From asking questions to sharing company creatives, you can count on them.

Communicating with your dedicated DotPlus team is also easy. Whether by email, phone, video, or in-person, we make meeting easy and personal.

Results matter. It's not enough to say that something works. You want data to back up and support your investment — and we love that.

That's why we developed MarketingCloudDotPlus, which tracks, measures, and reports on the performance of all your marketing channels and SEO strategy.

Our services also include setting up relevant programs, like Google Analytics and Google Ads, so you can track website performance, ad campaigns, and more.

With these tools, we've been able to track the results of our efforts. Just in the past five years, for example, we've helped our clients earn more than $2.4 billion in revenue.

If you're looking to advertise on Google, Facebook, Bing, or another ad network, it's invaluable to have an experienced partner on your side.

At DotPlus, we're that partner.

As a Premier Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, and Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner, we've demonstrated our ability to drive results.

Work with our team — we've managed over 650 ad campaigns — to create and manage ad campaigns that reach your goals and achieve your ROI goals.

Want an SEO agency with experience in your industry?

With decades of experience in dozens of industries, from manufacturing to ecommerce, DotPlus is a trusted partner for businesses that want an industry specialist.

Get partnered with a dedicated account manager that has experience in your industry so you can take full advantage of their specialized SEO background.

Plus, leverage the billions of data points that MarketingCloudDotPlus houses to receive industry-specific insights into your SEO strategy.

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